Why Choose Swift Letting?


Trying to choose a letting agency to manage your property might feel a bit like wading through a residential swamp. So, out of all the agencies in Edinburgh, why choose us to look after your investment?


Good question. On the face of it, you would assume all agencies basically do the same job, and most offer some incentive to get your business. At Swift, we're quite like other agencies, but it's how we work with you, the landlord after we've taken on your property that makes all the difference.


Our Story


Swift Letting Limited is a residential letting agency set up in 2016 by Anne and Lucy. After many years in the industry, working for different agencies, we knew what worked best for our landlords. So when we started Swift Letting, we understood that landlords don't want to feel like just a number. That's why we pride ourselves in being one of the friendliest and most efficient agents around. We make sure we know our landlords and their properties inside and out. We believe in excellent service and top communication.  We believe in being reliable, talking to the landlord, taking action and then regular feedback on progress.


How does this benefit you?


This means we make sure your property brings in the right rental, is well maintained and has good tenants who pay every month. It means that when maintenance is required, we get in there fast.  We offer and discuss options from you to choose from - then keep a beady eye on the price! And finally, it means that you are kept up to date with what's happening with your property and the legislation surrounding it; it's not rocket science, but it's incredibly challenging to get right.  We have found the best way to do this is through constant, clear communication with yourself and the tenants.


It means we're not breathing down your neck, nor are we some impersonal agency just collecting rent – that's not how we work. We are right there with you, making sure you have the level of involvement you need to make you feel comfortable. At Swift, our landlords know the whole team love to pick up the phone or email to talk to them about their property. We have a relationship with the tenants (and often a property's neighbours), and we never want our landlords to feel as though their property was just one of many.  We know all our Landlords, we know their properties, and we know their tenants. We've used the same trusted contractors over the years.  They get to know our properties; they react quickly and are happy to discuss any recommended course of action directly to our Landlords if they ask.


Contact me, anne@swiftlettingedinburgh.com or Lucy, lucy@swiftlettingedinburgh.com, and let us help you manage your property more effectively.


Written by Anne Sellar, 01/08/2019