About Us

We thought long and hard about this bit because we’re a small team and work best together.  We’re all in one office and we talk a lot about our business.  This means you can speak to all of us about any aspect of your property and we can help you. We’ve all got years of experience in letting properties and we all have lots of knowledge to share with Landlords, tenants – really, anyone who needs us!

Meet the Team

Anne Sellar


Anne is the Mama Bear of Swift and has a finger in every pie, which means you might meet her at a viewing, you’ll probably talk to her on the phone at some point and you’ll almost certainly get an email from her.  She’s the one who loves to wade into a problem and solve it. She has been in the letting industry for 25 years.

Futile fact #1 Anne has an incredibly irritating habit of tuning in to the end of a conversation in the office and then volunteering an opinion, usually unasked for. Drives everyone mad and makes Anne all huffy when she is -quite rightly – ignored by everyone until she gets all the facts.

Lucy Cant


Lucy’s been in the letting industry for 13 years and Swift wouldn’t run without her. She’s ferociously organised, has the ability to spin ten plates at a time and answers queries faster than anyone

Futile fact #2 Lucy is one of the main reasons for the burgeoning fortunes of Amazon and Asos.  Ask any delivery man in the area.

Claire Burnett

Accounts Manager

Claire’s strength is her meticulous attention to detail, which means she runs the accounting side like a well oiled machine, making sure that rent comes in and landlords are paid on time. Our landlords love her for making tax time so easy.

Futile fact #5 Claire hates ‘wasting’ money and is on an endless quest to stop us spending too much in the Nespresso shop! We love coffee, so it’s a battle.

David Dixon

Maintenance Manager

David is our maintenance manager and after years of working in a very male dominated company decided to jump ship and join our very female dominated team. Bet he still sometimes wakes up in cold sweat about that decision. Here’s the thing about maintenance; no-one gets in touch to tell you how happy they are. Nope, it's just problem after problem, which David despatches with heroic efficiency and in a very laid-back Irish accent, always calming the situation. He then saunters onto the golf course and knocks the hell out of defenceless little ball. Apparently, he’s very efficient at that too.

Juli Scarlett

Relationship Manager

Now, Juli is multifaceted. Think of her like a diamond but with the power of speech and an awesomely sharp dress sense. Whilst Maureen deals predominantly with tenants, Juli cares for the landlords with the same efficiency: she makes sure that landlords are being kept up to date with what’s going on with their property, she knows who’s moving in and when; and the chances are she’s shown the property so she can give landlords a really good feel for who’s  going to be living in their properties. She likes to flex her efficiency muscles by sorting out all the landlord certificates. Sounds easy but trust us, it's a logistical nightmare that she cuts through like a steel blade. 

Maureen Watt

Lettings Coordinator

When you have decided that you want to apply for one of our properties, Maureen is your point of contact. She walks you through the entire process. Maureen is also calmness personified with incredible patience, useful when any of us are having hissy fits about something or perhaps a tenant's application has hit the buffers for some reason. Maureen wades into the fray with the verbal equivalent of a soothing balm. Before you know where you are, everything's calm, suddenly makes sense and is just...better. The world needs more Maureen's but she’s ours and you can’t have her.

Alex Gilbert

Videographer & Digital Content Creator

Alex is a maverick, and we mean that as a huge complement. She has the ability of voicing her thoughts without realising it and can be horrifically, but hilariously, inappropriate at times. Despite this ticking time bomb, we trust her to do all our viewings and oversee everything visual by producing the best videos and basically making sure that we are on point with our social media. Ungratefully, Alex has repaid that trust by announcing that she is off to Canada to live in a van for 5 months because….why not? Oh, and can we keep her job open for her? We will because she is that good. We haven’t pointed out yet that Canada can get a bit nippy in winter but that's ok. We’ll buy her woolly socks and she’ll be fine.